Join us in Edinburgh for St Andrews Day 30th November

November 30th is St Andrews day a national holiday in Scotland. Take a free tour around Edinburgh and Scotland's historic castles. Enjoy the delights of Scotland as we celebrate our national day during the feast of St Andrew. The ceapest hotel deals will always be available for you here. A warm Scottish welcome with some traditional Scottish culture and food await you.

The Patron Saint of Scotland

St Andrews day on November 10th ia the start of winter festivities in Edinburgh. In the 10th century St Andrew became the patron saint of Scotland. Legend tells us, relics were brought to an ancient Pictish King in the town that is now St Andrews, located on the east coast. You will most likel;y have heard of the world famous golf course that is also here. Join in our national day celebrations of Scotland and Scotish pride. Events are taking place all over the country with traditional kilts and bag pipes flying.

Free or Reduced Price Entry to Edinburgh Castle and Many Edinburgh Attractions

Additionally free entry, 2 for 1 (1 Adult and 1 Child) get reduced entry prices at many Scottish and Edinburgh attractions. Edinburgh Castle has free entry over the weekend and on the day itself. So, it is a great time to have fun and ejoy that once in a lifetime holiday trip to spledid fortress. Not to forget the famous firing of the 1 o'clock gun that takes place every day. Only one shell at one o'clock rather than 12 at 12 midday is very Scottishly frugal indeed. Edinburgh Castle also has lots of museums within. These house traditional constumes and histioric military uniforms.

Also free entry to many other historic monuments takes place, including St Andrews Castle and St Andrews Cathedral, Urquhart and Stirling Castles as well. Interestinly the traditionally fugal nature of the Scots gets a day off as celebrations of traditional Scotishness take place.

Celebrate in True Scottish Bank Holiday Style

Join in the celebration of Scotland's national pride. As a national day and a bank holiday on or around the 30th of Novemeber, many Edinburgh events are on. If 30 November falls on a weekend, then the following Monday is a bank holiday. On the closest weekend to it in Edinburgh you will see many dressed up in traditional kilts. Enjoy true gaelic style and look for promotions to tarditional ceilidh dances that take place. Also the pipes will be playing truely traditional songs for you. Great dishes are top of the menu on many Edinburgh restaurant menus. After all it is the feast of St Andrew.

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