Glasgow Science Centre

Are you and the family wanting to enjoy yourselves and have fun? Do you like a challenge? If so, The Glasgow Science Centre is for you.

It is a mixture of fun and learning. There is an IMAX cinema and a Science mall. Children will want to understand the wonders of the world. They can do this by playing with boxes, ropes and who knows what else.

Address and Telephone Number

Glasgow Science Centre, 50 Pacific Quay, Glasgow, G51 1EA
Tele: +44 (0) 871 540 1000


The Mysteries of Science

The world of science conjures up many images. Solitary people in dark rooms trying to solve the mysteries of the world. Some of these mysteries are extremely mundane, while others are absolutely fascinating. Each one is worthy of being investigated, although you and I might have our own preferences.

New Centre for the New Millennium

As the recent millennium approached, a flurry of projects developed across Scotland and the UK. Glasgow was not spared. This science centre and tower were built in the city.


Glasgow Science Centre is Located in the docklands area. The development is leading the drive to bring excitement and life to the city. Much like the docklands in London were reinvigorated over the past decade.

Architecture - IMAX in Glasgow and the Science Mall

Before walking inside, you should take the time to admire the architectural beauty of the structures, of which there are three. Each one shares a common feature: titanium and glass cladding. The Science Mall and IMAX cinema will satisfy almost any curiosity. The IMAX cinema seems to be a squashed egg permitting 350 people to comfortably enjoy a movie. The Science Mall is built on an open plan with over 5000 square metres of space spread across 3 floors. A fabric-roofed structure links the cinema to the mall.

What to see - Exhibits

  • A recent interactive exhibit is "Alice Through The Looking Glass". It deals with perception. Any fan of Lewis Carroll will recognize something of his book here.
  • First Floor: There are regular workshops on each floor, such as Just Juggle and Bubble-ology about juggling and bubbles respectively.
  • Second Floor: K nex K Challenge and Pop up Parachutes focus on building bridges and parachutes.
  • Third Floor: Plasma Globe, Indoor Tornado and the Bernoulli Tower.

Tools for Education in Glasgow

Science centres are wonderful tools for education. You will be sure to walk into or pass by groups of students being led around by frenzied teachers. Exhibits are built around children who love to touch, watch and grab things. There is a premium on interaction. There are two major pieces: a planetarium and a climate change theatre. Both of these are worthy of some dedicated time on your part.

Tower Closes

Sadly, the tower was closed in 2004 due to safety concerns. The observatory room at the top gave to-die-for views of the city. The Millennium Bug did strike here. It caused delays and problems without even occurring in its expected form. Hopefully one day, it will re-open.