Hotel Cancellation Policy for Hotels in Edinburgh Ltd

Call +44 (0) 1904 338885 for help. Try to use the cancellation link on the email confirmation we sent you. This cancels any booking made with us.

  • Check when you book your hotel for the individual hotel cancellation policy
  • The cancellations policy can vary depending on what room you book and what dates you book. This is up to the individual hotel you have chosen.
  • Online reservations must be cancelled online, before your chosen date of arrival.
  • Not canceling your booking can result in some or all of the cost of your booking being charged to your card. This again should be checked during your booking process.
  • Justification for charges when customers don't show or arrive later than they have book for are: Hotels in Edinburgh have created a contract with both you and the hotel.
  • Each hotel has given us allocation of rooms to fulfil your requirements. Hotels expect people who book to turn up and use room they have reserved. An empty room costs money.

If you loose your email confirmation

If you cannot find your email confirmation, please don't hesitate to call us. We will do all we can to either reconfirm your booking or cancel it manually for you. We cant give guarantees about this method of cancellation but will do our best for you.

Your custom is as important to us now as it was in 1989 when we first set up. We will do everything we can to ensure you booking is secure and you are happy with our service at Hotels in Edinburgh Ltd.